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Kids Custom Character Face Shield

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Face shields (visors) are made of shatterproof plastic, fit over the face and are held in place by head straps or caps. These visors need to be easily disinfected to be reusable by the health care workers. If reusable, manufacturer to provide validated cleaning instructions with any reusable device. These face shields must be able to cover the entirety of the face.


  • Adjustable on head

  • Double sided anti-fog face shield

  • Good elasticity and light weight

  • Comfortable and skin-friendly sponge

 Hazard Corrected Splash from hazardous material
Safety Features Shield entire face Easily removable in case of accidents Impact resistant as necessary
Material Polycarbonate, Propionate, Acetate, Polyvinyl chloride, Polyethylene terephthalate
Reusable Yes
Head strap Yes
Liquid resistant Yes
Dimensions Minimum 24 cm high, 36 cm wide
Medical Device Classification Yes

Level : 1